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Downloading and Installing the Koalterm Client

NOTE: Koalaterm will only work on a 32-bit OS. For 64 bit systems please call Tek Data Support at 1.800.634.6057. 

  1. Open an Internet Browser (I.E., FireFox, Chrome, etc.)
  2. Go to or navigate the following (, click on ‘Existing Customer’, click on ‘Software Download’)
  3. Click on ‘Download now!’ for Client (workstation) Software
  4. Save to the desktop
  5. On desktop – double click on ‘koala.exe’
  6. Install koala term
  7. Password: gocubs
  8. In the browser go to:
  9. Open the ‘Lubbock’ folder
  10. Right click on the ‘klt.key’ file
  11. Copy the file to the ‘c:\program files\tek data systems’ folder
  12. On desktop open the ‘Series-M Media Booking’ icon – it will open the ‘server.mkt’ session and display the Tek Data demo system. You’ll be replacing the settings for this session with your own Series-M system below.
  13. Click on ‘connections’
  14. Click on ‘settings’
  15. Clink on the ‘communcations’ tab
  16. Change the HOST IP address to your series-m server’s address
  17. Click on ‘apply’
  18. Click on ‘OK’
  19. Click on ‘connections’
  20. Click on ‘save’
  21. Restart koalaterm