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Software Solutions for Booking - Reservation - Circulation


(Screen Shot of Series-M's Main Menu)

 Series-M Version 7 offers a variety of standard and optional features that are designed

to address the many challenges in today's resource management and distribution environment.

 Note: the following is only a partial listing of the system's capability.

Advanced Bookings by Date & Time
Process Walk-ins: Check-outs and Check-ins
Process Recurring Orders
Built-in Report Generator
Generates Lists and Labels
Context Sensitive Help
Patron Online Ordering Interface (optional)
Versatile -- Schedule any Resource
Share Information (XML Compatible) 
Bar Codes: Create / Read
Import \ Export MARC Records
Generates Email Confirmations \ Notices
Create Work Orders
LDAP Support 
Generate PDF Formatted Documents
Comprehensive Inventory Management
 Book Equipment
Schedule Rooms 

From the smallest center to the most complex -- Tek Data has a system for you!

For more information on Series-M contact Tek Data's Sales Department at 800.634.6057.


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