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Options and Accessories for Series-M and SNAP


Note: check the column under "Use With" to verify if the item operates with your system. A blank space indicates it's for Series-M only.

Contact Tek Data Systems at 1.800.634.6057 for details regarding pricing and availability.


Feature Description Use With
Alt-Login Log in by Name, ID# and \ or Email  SM & SNAP
Apps See Live Status of Today's Activity  Note: Available Now for Android Smart Phones SM & SNAP
Asset Control  Designed to List Items (bookable material) that are either Missing or Miss-labeled  Note: requires Bar Code Reader  
Bulk Email Target Emails to Specific Groups, Departments, Buildings, etc.  
Bar Code Label Printers   Dedicated Printer: Standard or Industrial Models Available  Note: includes SM Driver    
Bar Code Reader   Bluetooth enabled for Portability Note: includes SM Driver   
Carousel Display Images in SNAP: book covers, rooms, equipment, etc.

Note: requires Series-M

Circulation Process Walk-ins: Check-outs, Check-ins, Reserve and Holds  Note: Requires Series-M
Closed Captioning Easy to Use and Fast Turn-Around -- at a Fair Price
Containers Process / Ship / Store "very large" quantities of Books, Equipment, Chairs, etc. (Uses 1 (one) bar code to reference many objects)

Example 1: a school building needs 150 books
Example 2: 500 chairs are needed in the auditorium
Example 3: the library wants to "archive" its old books

Dubbing Module   Create "temporary" copies to Meet Demand

Example: Pod Cast on iPods          

E\Confirmation (Econf) Generate Order Confirmations and Notices  

Note: integrates with OutLook 

E-Signature (Esig) Capture User Signature Electronically

Note: includes Device

Fee Processing Module Process Charges for Services Provided  
Google Book Search Automatically Search for and Retrieve Catalog Data and Images 

Note: requires Google Account 

Google Login Use Google to log into Series-M and / or SNAP  SM & SNAP 
Groups Module   Control Access & Provisioning of Content by Patron or Item or Location   SM & SNAP
Hourly Booking Module Schedule Resources by Time of Day 

Example: teacher wants a podium for a 9:30 A.M. class that runs for 1 (one) hour

Hosting Locally - Remotely - Cloud Based  
ID Card Reader Process Users via their ID Cards -- Instead of keying in patron's name, simply swipe their ID Card
Note: includes Device
ISBN Automatically Search for and Retrieve Book (cataloging data) using ISBN Number   
LDAP (AD)  For Authentication and Login    
MARC Record Import Module Import MARC Records -- includes Editing, Batch Processing and More    
  LMS Support   Integrates SNAP with your Current Learning Management System   SNAP 
Patron Booking (PB) Online Booking for Patrons through SNAP

Note: requires Booking System

PDF BARS   Print Bar Code Labels on Laser Printer    
Repeat Bookings Process Recurring Bookings by Quarter, Semester, etc.

Example: teacher wants a projector, a cart and a sound system every Thursday for an entire semester. A 1 (one) hour class begins on Thursday, January 5th, 2017 and  ends on April 6th.  

Scheduled Items Go Green! Stop Printing Everything. Display Today's Activities on a Flat Screen  
Single Sign On (SSO) One Login for Authentication and Universal Access SM & SNAP 
SRU Module Search and Retrieve Catalog Data via the Web 

Note: web equivalent to Z39 50  

Stock (Inventory) Management Real-time Control of Stock--consumable inventory: lamps, paper, batteries, etc.

Example: keeps you informed with what's on hand, on order and also notifies you when it's time to replenish stock

Subscription Lists Module Process Subscription Based Orders for Periodicals, Books, etc.    
Universal Player Supports all Standard Media Players   SNAP 
User Import Import Records via XML and / or Excel   SM & SNAP 
V/SNAP Module Video Content Support: Uploads, Chapterization, Streaming, etc.

Note: includes Wowza Streaming System

Work Orders Process Orders that Require Multiple Items for the Same Time & Date (One (1) order contains multiple items)

Example 1: teacher wants a projector, a cart and a sound system for an 8:00 A.M class on the 15th of February
Example 2: technician needs various parts for a repair job