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Entry required

Section A: Circulation Requirement

1. Do you Circulate any of the following?

Please see additional resource types listed below

2. Do you process Walk-ins (check-outs) with or without an existing reservation? 

3. In what manner do patrons submit requests?

4. Do you experience a significant number of emergency / closed days through-out the year?

5. Does your facility share resources with other departments / organizations?

6. Do you have any special scheduling requirements?

Example: Items out on loan for 6 months or greater. Another example would be restricting access to certain items.

7. Do you want to allow patrons the option to place orders online?

8. Do you want the system to generate Email Confirmations and Notices?

Section B. Data Questions

1. What is the estimated number of items processed per year?

Please provide the total number of actual reservations
Please provide the total number of items that were actually checked-out
This number should represent Holds (reservations) that could not be honored

2. How many of the following does your facility own?

3. Please indicate the number of Buildings / Districts you service

Please feel free to substitute Campus Locations for Buildings
Please feel free to substitute Campuses for Districts

4. Please provide the total number of users serviced by your facility

Please provide a breakdown in the spaces provided below

5. Is any of the data available for export?

6. Please provide samples of the numbering schemes for all of circulating inventory

Note: Primary Item represents a main item and not individual copies, pieces, etc.
Note: these are the items (inventory) used to fill orders

7. Is your inventory equipped with Bar Codes?

Example: Code 39, 129, UPC, etc.

8. Are your patrons / users equipped with ID cards?

Example: user is checking-out an item and must swipe their ID Card to start the process

Section C. Operational Requirements

1. Do you charge for any of your services?

2. Do you track fines?

3. Do you require very detailed statistical reporting?

4. Please provide samples of your Daily Paperwork: lists, labels, reports, etc.

Note: email samples to

Section D. Hardware and Related Information

1. Do you have a server available?

2. How many Local Operator Licenses are needed?

3. What types of Printers do you have?

4. Do you have Bar Code reading equipment?

Section E. Additional Details

1. Do you currently pay for System Support?

2. Any Special Requirements?

Please use this space to share any special requirements that your facility provides which were not covered in this document but are needed.

3. Do you anticipate an expansion of services by your facility in the near future?

4. When do you anticipate funding will be available for this project?

Section F. Special Services

Section G. Signature and Date Submitted

Entry required
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