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Section A: Currently in Use

1. Is your facility already using an online catalog or discovery system?

2. Is the current system stand-alone or is it a part of another program: Library Automation or Booking System?

3. Does your current system provide access to any of the following items?

4. Does it support digital content?

5. Does your facility subscribe to digital content?

6. Is it from multiple sources?

7. Do you receive content from any of the following vendors?

Note: this list does not reflect all of the vendors / digital data sources that SNAP works with

8. Is any of the digital content stored at your facility?

9. How is the digital content managed and kept up-to-date?

10. How frequently is the content updated?

11. Is the procedure for updating content automated or manual?

Automated implies that the vendor (supplier of the content) is doing all of the work to update the system.
Manual implies that the subscribing facility shares the responsibility of keeping the content up-to-date .

12. Is your current system equipped with Single Sign On (SSO)?

13. If yes, does the SSO / Authentication process connect the patron with the desired item or to another link?

14. If you answered No to question #12, do you have a SSO / Authentication system preference?

15. Does your current system support access by any playback and / or mobile device?

16. Does your current online system allow patron's to order items?

17. Are you paying an annual support fee for current system?

Section B: Features and Functions wanted in a new Catalog / Discovery System

1. Please indicate which of the following you would like in your new system?

2. Do you prefer a hosted, turnkey or cloud-based solution?

Section C. Additional Information

For "turnkey" user: do you have a server available?

2. Do you anticipate an expansion of services by your facility in the next several years?

3. When do you anticipate funding will be available for this project?

Section E. Signature and Date Submitted

Entry required
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