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Entry required

Section A: Video Streaming Requirement

1. Does your operation provide any of the following?

2. Does your facility subscribe to digital content?

3. Are you receiving content from multiple sources?

4. Is any of the content stored at your facility?

5. How is the cpntent managed and kept up-to-date?

6. How frequently is the content updated?

7. Is the procedure for updating content automated or manual?

Note: Automated, in this case, means it's a 100% hands off operation and

that the content provider does all of the work.

Manual would suggest that the content subscriber does the work.

8. Is your organization equipped with a video server?

For example, Helix, Apple, Darwin, Windows, etc.
Note: the idea would be to add your own service and operate it in conjunction with subscription based services.

9. Will you be providing intranet and / or internet delivery of your content?

Note: add important information regarding access, etc.

10. Do you have a media player preference?

Section B. Additional Requirements

1. Does your organization have an online catalog?

Note: what is the name and / or model of your current online catalog

Section C. Hardware Information

1. Do you have a video server available?

If you would like to comment further, please use the space provided.

Section D. More Information

1. Are you currently paying an annual fee for system support?

Note: this only pertains to a facility that has an existing video streaming service.

2. Do you anticipate an expansion of services by your facility in the next three (3) years?

3. When do you anticipate funding will be available for this project?

Section E. Signature and Date Submitted

Entry required
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